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Frequently Asked Questions

What to know about your visit to Just Move…

  1. What should I bring?
    – CLEAN shoes.  This is really important.  It’s as much about protecting the studio floor as it is about someone else not slipping in the puddle you made from your snowy shoe.  Help us keep the area clean and safe, please.
    – Water.  Stay hydrated!  But, if you forget your water, we have drinking fountains you can use and cold, bottled water for sale.
    – A great attitude. Just Move is all about having fun while exercising.  We aim to provide a welcoming, friendly atmosphere for all people.  Encourage each other and laugh with each other… just one smile burns 16 calories!  :)
  2. Do I need to bring any equipment or anything else?
    We have hand weights (3lb, 5lb, 8lb and 10lb), resistance bands, yoga mats, hula hoops and anything else you may need for a class at the studio.  However, you are more than welcome to bring your own exercise equipment.  In fact, for yoga, we would encourage you to bring your own mat if you have one.
  3. What are the benefits to being a member at Just Move Fitness and More?
    Our classes are always open to anyone for drop-in.  We know that many people need flexibility in their life and we respect that.  If you find that you are coming to classes more than a couple times a week, a membership may be the best solution for you and your budget.  It offers:
    – Unlimited classes
    – Free classes for your children
    – 10% discount for studio space rental and parties
  4.  Is there a benefit to “signing in” for a class online?
    In some cases, yes.  Especially during the busier months like January and February, class size is limited due to space or equipment availability.  Those “pre-signed-in” will have a spot reserved.
    Another reason to sign in ahead of time is that when we schedule our workouts, we are more likely to follow through!  It’ll be on your calendar!  Check out our Schedule page where you can start reserve your spot for any class.
  5.  I’m just starting out and consider myself a beginner when it comes to fitness.  Where do I start?
    Lots of people feel this way.  We are always looking for unique and creative approaches to fitness so you probably see some classes on our schedule that you have never heard of.  That’s ok!  All of our instructors are committed to meeting you wherever you are and modifying movements if and when you need it.  Feel free to call or email us or come early to talk to an instructor.  Also, a great place to start is with a fitness assessment with a personal trainer.  We can help assess what types of activity will work best for you and even give you some ideas for home exercises.
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